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Re: proposals for R5RS (sorry)

> I approve of adding vector patterns and an escape.

> I think overloading dot-dot-dot would be silly and confusing.  Sort of like
> overloading a single operator to mean both LAMBDA and QUOTE would be.

I don't agree with your objection, and your analogy is flawed.
Whatever the escape is, it will be used infrequently, and ... will
suggest to the reader that something is going on with ellipses.  For
those writing macros, ... is an easier escape to remember.

We can't use the same keyword for both lambda and quote, since there is
no way in general to know which is intended.  With the proposed use of
ellipses, there is no such ambiguity.

> So, I like :::.

If we're not going to use ..., I'd rather use a descriptive name, like
ellipses-are-literal.  As with :::, though, we'd have another name to
remember and another one that is (somewhat) tied down.