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new version of macro system and tech reports

A revised version (V2.1) of our macro system is available via anonymous
ftp from iuvax.cs.indiana.edu in pub/scheme/syntax-case and
(compressed) in pub/scheme/syntax-case.tar.Z.  The file "Notes" in the
syntax-case directory describes the changes that have been made.

Two technical reports are available in postscript form within the
syntax-case directory:

     Robert Hieb, R. Kent Dybvig, and Carl Bruggeman "Syntactic
     Abstraction in Scheme", IUCS TR #355, June 1992 (revised 7/3/92).

     R. Kent Dybvig, "Writing Hygienic Macros in Scheme with
     Syntax-Case", IUCS TR #356, June 1992 (revised 7/3/92).

An older version of the latter was named syntax-case.ps in the old
syntax-case directory.

Please direct any questions or comments to dyb@cs.indiana.edu.

Kent Dybvig