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Proposal for EVAL

   Date: Wed, 20 May 92 20:18:13 -0400
   From: "Guillermo J. Rozas" <jinx@martigny.ai.mit.edu>
   Reply-To: jinx@martigny.ai.mit.edu

   It was definitely proposed at one point (I think at Snowbird), in the
   interests of allowing "Pascal-like" implementations, but I guess it
   was nixed.  I had apparently flipped the bit, and did not check the

After thinking more about it, I've remembered that it was not only
because of "Pascal-like" implementations, but also because it
presuposes a file system and a particular kind of user interface.  The
point was made (I believe by Will Clinger) that to be completely
consistent with the Macintosh philosophy, LOAD would have to accept no
arguments, and then it would pop up a dialog box for the user to
specify the file to load.