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four issues for R5RS meeting at Xerox PARC

   Satan: call-with-current-continuation
   Date: Sun, 17 May 92 15:47:30 -0400
   From: david carlton <carlton@husc.harvard.edu>
   X-Mts: smtp

   On Sun, 17 May 92 14:24:59 -0400, Aubrey Jaffer <jaffer@martigny.ai.mit.edu> said:

   >  <3>
   > Similarly, I would like the transcendental functions EXP, LOG, SIN,
   > not be required to accept exact arguments.  When I take SIN of an
   > exact number it is because I forgot to multiply it times pi.  I would
   > appreciate Scheme catching this error for me.  I expect this is true
   > in the vast majority of cases.  EXACT->INEXACT is always availble for
   > the one in a million program which actually wants (SIN 1).

   I don't like this too much.  I can imagine an exact 0 being the
   argument of a call to SIN, which I think should be allowed.  Also,
   there's nothing that says that exact numbers can't include, say,
   multiples of pi; even though (as far as I know) no implementations
   currently do that, I wouldn't like to do things like the above which
   discourage their doing that.

I agree.