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R5RS meeting at Xerox PARC

I have reserved space for up to 40 people here at PARC for an R5RS
meeting on Thursday, June 25th.  I have a bigger but less desirable
space reserved for the 26th.   I expect less than 40 people
will want to attend.

There were only a handful of responses after a message I sent
mid-March, so I am not sure that we collectively have enough interest
to meet.  Please let me know right away if you plan to attend, or
if you plan not to attend.  Let's decide by next week (say 5/15)
whether we have a quorum or not.

If anyone has suggestions for the agenda, please post them.

Here are possible agenda items that happened across my brow.

  Proposals currently on the table:

    - multiple values [Ramsdell]
	  We have a proposal with broad consensus.

    - record types [Curtis, Rees, Adams]
	  We have a proposal with some consensus.

    - dynamic binding [Curtis]
	  We have a proposal that has been discussed, and has met with some

    - n-ary functions [Curtis]
	  Pavel posted a proposal to the Scheme mailing list for n-ary
	  functions taking their extra arguments packaged as a function.
	  It got a favorable response, but people generally did not like
	  details of the proposed change to lambda-list syntax.

    - optional arguments
	  I didn't find a proposal, but I seem to recall that this issue
	  was pending resolution of multiple values.

  Topics that have been discussed on rrrs-authors or the Scheme mailing
  list that might be discussed profitably at the meeting:

    - module systems
    - object-oriented programming extensions
    - an alternative (infix) syntax (CAD Framework Initiative)
    - defining more standard libraries (or forking off a new language
      definition for such to avoid marring Scheme's good name).

  Organizational issues

    - What is our charter?
    - Have the ground rules changed since Brandeis?  Should they?


    - What is going on with ISO Lisp?  Dylan?