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meeting after lisp conference

I propose that we have an R5RS meeting in conjunction with the
upcoming Lisp Conference.  Say Thursday the 24th.  

How do people feel about this?

PARC can host the meeting if the number of participants will fit in
the space available here.  We can handle up to 40 people if they are
seated at tables.  If people prefer just chairs and bean bags we can
accommodate 60 to 70 people.  (Some may find that uncomfortable for an
all-day meeting though).  We can use the PARC auditorium if the
meeting is on Friday -- it is certainly big enough to handle whatever
crowd is interested.

If we can't fit in the space here, I would be willing to make
arrangements for a meeting room at a hotel; or perhaps some other Bay
Area good samaritan will offer to host the meeting?