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What I want in R^5RS

Ken> I would not be offended by:
Ken>      (DELETE-FILE <name> . <do-I-care-bool>)

KentP> the notion of hairing up the dataflow into a function just to control
KentP> its behavior in exceptional situations seems ludicrous to me.

As I never intend to call DELETE-FILE unless FILE-EXISTS? returns #t,
it is fine with me that an error be signalled (always) if the
specified file does not exist.  If there is a timing problem due to
lack of atomicity, I probably do want to know.

Again, my uses are trivial.  I don't care much about minor variants in
the semantics (aside from the requisite side effects to the file
system 8^).  I do, however, want a function of the form:
  (delete-file <string>)  !