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Re: Dynamic binding, description for ballot

My intent was that the following sentence in the description of
CALL-WITH-DYNAMIC-BINDING described (informally) how the dynamic
environment interacts with call/cc:

``This dynamic has precisely the same extent as the invocation of the thunk
and is thus captured by continuations created within that invocation and
re-established by those continuations when they are invoked.''

I could write down the intent by modifying the formal semantics at the end
of the report (to pass around the dynamic environment), but that's seems a
bit heavy weight for such a forum.  Alternatively, I could write some
examples showing how it works.  The idea is simply that call/cc captures
the current dynamic environment in the procedure it creates and that
procedure re-establishes that environment when invoked.

Is this intent unclear to anyone on this list, or are we discussing how it
should be described in a report?