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Re: Multiple values for R4RS

> From ramsdell@linus.mitre.org Thu Aug 31 07:35:26 1989
> Subject: Re: Multiple values for R4RS 
> This confirms my hope that there is good chance we can reach agreement
> on the subject of multiple values for R4RS.  Let me point out that if
> agreement is reached soon enough, multiple values could be made part
> of IEEE Draft Standard for the Scheme Programming Language.

I don't see how.  We agreed at Snowbird not to make any significant
changes to R4RS via email that weren't preapproved at Snowbird, and we
specifically left multiple values as an issue to be decided at the next
meeting.  So multiple values must wait until R5RS or we must delay R4RS
until after we meet again.  Either way, multiple values won't make the
IEEE draft standard, right?