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last call for MIN and MAX

Guy "I Haven't Had So Much Fun While Trying to Be Serious in Years" Steele:
    ....I think that
    when you speak of "exactness-preserving" you mean "inexactness-preserving",
    and similarly "perfect rules of exactness" => "perfect rules of
    inexactness" which is then seen to be a contradiction in terms.

That just goes to show that a contradiction in terms isn't the same
as a contradiction.  Exact numbers are like original works of art;
they're not worth much unless they can be distinguished from forgeries.
Inexactness-preserving procedures, which stamp potential forgeries,
are the primary means for preserving the worth of exact numbers.

They're not perfect, because of the predicates and INEXACT->EXACT.
Despite its occasionally apocalyptic tone, this whole argument has been
about whether the pathologies inherent in an inexactness-preserving MIN
and MAX justify adding two more loopholes.

I think everyone who wants to understand this issue probably does by now,
and I assume that anyone who hasn't voted doesn't care.

Peace, Will