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First BASH Meeting (Let's meet at POPL)

   Posted-From: The MITRE Corp., Bedford, MA
   X-Alternate-Route: user%node@mbunix.mitre.org
   Posted-Date: Thu, 10 Aug 89 11:24:43 EDT
   From: ramsdell@linus.mitre.org
   Date: Thu, 10 Aug 89 11:24:43 EDT

   >> From:    Joel Bartlett <bartlett@decwrl.dec.com>
   R4RS should include name regularization, but if the macros
   factions fail to agree, let's drop macros.

Lets not drop macros.  In my opinion, macros are probably the most important
addition to R3RS which justify creating an R4RS.  R4RS without macros is a
quasi-worthless document.  How about if we all just agree to come to a decision
on this issue.  Sooner or later Scheme must have macros or die.
Morry Katz