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Re: First BASH Meeting (Let's meet at POPL)

>> From:    Joel Bartlett <bartlett@decwrl.dec.com>
>> Bay Area Scheme Hackers (BASH) is dedicated to fostering informal
And I thought BASH was GNU's Born Again SHell....

>> Uniform definition syntax
>> Pavel spoke in favor of his earlier proposal to rrrs-authors on 22 jun 89:

>> Jinx spoke in favor of the status quo, i.e. the incremental nature of top
>> level expression evaluation as noted in section 5.1 of R3RS.

I am glad to see the issue get such a hearing.  Thanks also to Will
for his explaination of his position.  I favor dropping the issue for
consideration for R4RS.

>> Meta Issue - rrrs-authors
>> Resolved:  it would be nice if rrrs-authors worked better.  It may be time
>> for another rrrs-authors meeting.  Perhaps at POPL in San Francisco.

I would also like to see another rrrs-authors meeting as long as it is
not an R4RS meeting.  I would like to see R4RS out before the end of
this year.  R4RS should include name regularization, but if the macros
factions fail to agree, let's drop macros.

There seems to be a fair number of good solid proposals for
consideration in R5RS.  Fluid variables and multiple values come
immediately to mind.  Maybe we could get some agreement at POPL.