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Dynamic variables

   Date: Tue, 08 Aug 89 17:48:10 PDT
   From: Pavel.pa@xerox.com

   This is the proposal for adding dynamic variables (aka fluid binding) to
   Scheme, as approved by consensus at the first meeting of BASH.  See my
   message of 05 Jul 89 for the details of the motivations behind the

This proposal was NOT accepted by consensus at BASH as I stated that I was not
comfortable with it at that meeting.  Despite the fact that I have corrected
Pavel TWICE on this issue, he insists on using the word consensus in an
effort, I suppose, to give his proposal more weight.  I am attempting to
formulate, in my own mind, exactly what about this proposal makes me
uncomfortable and will post a message as soon as I can make a cogent
presentation.  In the meantime, however, I wanted to set the record straight.
Morry Katz