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Scheme modules using HERALD, MODULE, and IMPORT.

I think the major difference between the Rees/ML proposal and mine
(call it the Ramsdell/Modula-II proposal) is Rees/ML has quasi first
class environments, and my proposal has no environment like values.
My proposal was built on a modest extension of the lexical structure
of Scheme.  The Rees/ML approach is more ambitious.  As I see it, the
big question is "should a module design for the language Scheme
include adding environment values or should environment values only be
part of the debugging environment?"  Jonathan has obviously given his

>One thing that always bugs me is that it is often assumed that
>interfaces and modules are in 1-1 correspondence.  Doesn't Modula-II have
>that bug?  I prefer the ML- or Mesa-like approach where the interface is
>specified independently and can be used by several different modules,
>and perhaps clients as well.  That's what I was getting at with

Yeah, that is a good point.