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The Chairman and Vice Chairman of X3J13 have asked me to attend the
upcoming Scheme meeting in Indiana. As some of you know, I am the
US representative to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG 16, which is the ISO Lisp
standardization working group. I was named US representative by ANSI
after nomination by X3.  As the US representative, I am required to
represent the entire US Lisp community. Because I had no instructions
or direction from the Scheme community, my representation of it consisted
of these actions:

1. declaring to WG 16 that I had no instructions from the Scheme community

2. announcing my belief that the Scheme community was considering a
formal standardization process

3. declaring that the US had an interest in either Scheme or Common Lisp
as a departure point for ISLISP (the name of ISO Lisp)

4. lobbying against the use of the name ISO Common Lisp as the name of
ISO Lisp

5. lobbying against any actions or statements by WG 16 that would jeopardize
or constrain the activities of the Scheme community were they to pursue 

The next ISO meeting will immediately follow the Lisp and Functional
Programming Conference, at Snowbird, Utah. At working group meetings I am
required to report on national standardization activities. Furthermore, if
there are any actions that the Scheme community wishes to take in the
working group, those actions must be taken by me. Therefore, my attendance
at this meeting is intended to accomplish the following:

1. I can report on the working group meeting

2. I can report on X3J13 activities and responses to the working group meeting

3. I can gather comments that you wish made at the next working group meeting

4. I can accept requests for attendance of the next working group meeting
(though I cannot guarantee such requests can be honored until there is an
ANSI-recognized standardization group for Scheme)

5. I can accept suggestions for the US position at the working group

6. I will takes notes and prepare a report to WG 16 on the activities at
the Scheme meeting

See you in Bloomington.