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As I've mentioned several times, my proposal was intended as yet
another alternative for the community, with no personal motivation 
to see it decided one way or the other.

The only two remarks I have are these:

1.I would have chosen to not standardize Scheme at all, possibly to render
it different from Common Lisp in yet another way. I don't feel that there
is any need to take steps to accomplish unneccessary goals.

2. I am saddened by the animosity I see towards Common Lisp and by
implication towards the Common Lisp community. I made the proposal because
I thought the it might serve as a means of bringing two group together who
would seem to be naturally linked. In fact I have seen people who are my
friends attack me because they thought I was trying to destroy their
community. So, I withdraw my proposal, and I guess I withdraw from the
arena of bringing the Lisp/Scheme communities together.

Enjoy your battle.