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Scheme Standardization

   Date: Wed, 3 Feb 88 14:09:46 CST
   From: David Bartley <bartley%mips.csc.ti.com@relay.cs.net>

   The fallacy is that all those languages named on the cover of "Common
   Lisp: The Language" (CLtL) are merely dialects of a single language,
   Lisp, and that Common Lisp is the modern "mainstream" incarnation of
   the Lisp language.  The truth as I see it is that Lisp 1.5, Scheme,
   and Common Lisp are distinct languages in the "Lisp Family" in the
   same sense that Algol-60, Pascal, and Ada are distinct languages in
   the "Algol Family."  X3J13 has as little claim to jurisdiction over
   Scheme as the Ada standardizers had over Pascal, Modula, or even PL/1.

I have been struggling to express a thought something like this.
I think Bartley has hit the nail on the head.  From where I stand,
Pascal and Modula are practically the same language.  Proponents of
those languages would deny it vociferously, and I think those who
use Scheme have equal standing in refusing to be lumped with other
Lisp dialects.