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    Date: 06 Apr 87  1144 PDT
    From: Dick Gabriel <RPG at SAIL.STANFORD.EDU>

    As one of the sad, major forces behind Common Lisp,  I'm glad to
    see that Common Lisp doesn't have a monopoly on bad taste.

    The only palletable line in this code reads:


Don't be elliptical.  Please elaborate, explain why tasteless, propose
alternative, and explain to me whether or not the following is legal
Common Lisp and what it returns:

    ((lambda (&rest foo &key ((foo foo) 3 foo)) foo)
	:foo 5 :foo 8 :allow-other-keys nil :allow-other-keys 13)

PS I don't find "palletable" in my dictionary.  I do find

    pallet n. 1. a wooden flat-bladed instrument  2. a lever or surface in a
    timepiece that receives an impulse fom the escapement wheel and imparts
    motion to a balance or pendulum  3. a portable platform for handling,
    storing or moving materials and packages (as in warehouses, factories,
    or vehicles)

    palletize vt. to place on, transport, or store by means of pallets

Perhaps you mean "palletizable"?