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multiple return values

    Date: Tue, 31 Mar 87 18:25:03 cst
    From: David Bartley <bartley%home%ti-csl.csnet@relay.cs.net>
    (6) Let's get down to brass tacks and argue about names!  I'm bothered
    by the "return" in RETURN-VALUES.  As Will pointed out, the name
    RETURN would be confusing to refugees from other Lisps.  However,
    RETURN-VALUES still seems to imply an exit from the calling procedure.
    A user might ask whether the procedure


    returns the sum of A, B, and C or just B?  I think we all intend for
    RETURN-VALUES to "return" to its caller (the middle of the body), not
    to that procedure's caller.  I suggest renaming RETURN-VALUES to be

Actually, I think this is one of the few names that Common Lisp
really got right.  What's wrong with VALUES?  Note that it is likely
to be used much more frequently than the matching receiving form.