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Let's get together again

It's been the better part of a year since many of us got to see each
other at the 1986 Lisp conference, and two and a half years since we
got together at Brandeis.  The next X3J13 (Common Lisp) meeting will
be in Boston or Cambridge 30 June and 1 July (a Tuesday and Wednesday),
so David Bartley and I would like to suggest that we meet in Cambridge
to discuss Scheme standardization issues on Thursday, 2 July, possibly
spilling over into Friday morning, 3 July.  We need volunteers to
arrange for a room, prepare an agenda, and chair the meeting.

Some issues that Bartley and I would like to see resolved are:

    multiple return values
    customizable reader
    number syntax and exactness
    optional arguments
    structures and opaque objects

These are in rough order of our priorities, where we give priority to
things that can be standardized easily as well as to things that are
important.  We'll be posting some proposals to this mailing list in
hopes of generating some thought, interest, or at least discussion
before we next get together.

Another thing we should talk about is what we want to come after Scheme.

Will Clinger
Tektronix, Inc.