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Re: test suite candidate

I believe I was the one who volunteered to work on this at last year's
Lisp conference, and I plan to do so over the summer.  I'll save your
program away (it does work in Chez Scheme, incidentally).  I also
welcome any other test programs people have written or wish to write.

We have a favorite continuation example here, but it is probably more
challenging to people than to Scheme systems.  It is "mondo-bizarro",
whose definition is given below.  Work it out on paper before trying
it out.

(define mondo-bizarro
   (lambda ()
      (let ([k (call/cc (lambda (c) c))])
         (write 1)
         (call/cc (lambda (c) (k c)))
         (write 2)
         (call/cc (lambda (c) (k c)))
         (write 3))))