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Resources for Scheme course

Brandeis is currently considering creating a laboratory facility for a
course on the style of the Abelson & Sussman book.  For this purpose, I
am collecting data on the state of various workstation implementations
of Scheme and related languages (e.g. T).  I know about some
implementations, but I'd like to hear about others, and get up-to-date
information even about the ones I've heard of.  In particular:

1) What workstations would you recommend for such an undertaking, and
what is the availability of appropriate software?

2) What ratio of students/workstation would you recommend?  To give
some idea of the planned intensity of the course, let's assume that we
plan to cover about half of the material in A&S in a semester.

3) How many square feet per workstation should we plan on?  What other
things in the physical arrangment of the facility should we watch out

Reply to mw@brandeis on csnet.  I will post a summary of replies to
the mailing list if interest warrants.  Thanks for your help.

-- Mitch Wand