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I think I was the one who suggested that there be neither slashification
nor vertical barring.  If you tell the T printer not to use either \ or
| and it comes across a symbol which requires quoting anyhow, it prints
#[Symbol "foo"].  (If you have \ but not |, as in T, you need to have a
way to print the null symbol anyhow; it really does come out as #[Symbol
""] - try it.)  If print tables exist or if STRING->SYMBOL accepts any
string whatsoever, then it is necessary to have some way for unusual
symbols to read and print, but there's not really any need to wire down
a special character for the purpose, because e.g. some # syntax could be

Some people wanted to throw away \ in favor of just | ; people didn't
agree when I suggested going with \ but not | ; so we just decided that
the need was unimportant enough that neither syntax was required.  I'm
not convinced that there needs to be a defined, portable way to print
unusual symbols, although maybe you could talk me into such a position.