People Working on Cog
Contact person for the Cog Project: Brian Scassellati

Bryan Adams

Graduate Student

My work on Cog involves providing a framework for human energy metabolism. My goal is to use this structure not only to provide a basis for humanoid behaviors, but also to create a foundation for human experiences that are missing from the robotic array, such as tiredness, fatigue, and soreness.


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Rodney Brooks


I am the director of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, the founder of the humanoid robotics group, and the thesis advisor to all the grad students working on these projects. When I was less bureaucratically involved I did research of my own. Now I cheer on my students. My burning question is what is it that lets matter transcend itself to become living.


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Aaron Edsinger

Graduate Student

I am currently developing a humanoid face for Cog using novel design processes. Additional work involves real-time eye-detection for joint-attention mechanisms, as well as introducing force-control to Cog's torso actuators. More information on this work can be found at


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Matt Marjanovic

Graduate Student

Matt's bio goes here


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Una-May O'Reilly

Research Scientist

I am working on aspects of humanoid face design and personality. One project is the development of a face for Cog (with Aaron Edsinger) using solid modeling and stereo lithography fabrication. A related project is a study of the interpretation of robot faces in terms of aspects of personality.


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Chris Scarpino

Research Engineer

I am working to maintain the mechanical systems of the robots. I also work on the design side, implementing mechanical design changes to the robots, such as those associated with our stereolithography initiative. Currently, I am designing a simple and lightweight robotic hand for Cog.


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Brian Scassellati

Graduate Student

I am building a theory of mind for our humanoid robots. My interests also include using robotics as a tool for evaluating models from human development, machine vision, and social skill development. I am also the contact person for the Cog project.


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