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Computer Graphics Group
E d u c a t i o n

We hold infrequent seminars about current topics of graphics technology in our laboratory
(usually in MIT's building 32). People from MIT and beyond come to present their latest
work and research. Please click through for more information on many of our past
graphics seminars. For more current events, please go to the CSAIL Events Calendar.

We have group meetings almost every week during the academic year to discuss
graphics related topics. There is usually an invited speaker, but the talks are
generally rather informal.

These talks are primarily intended for members of our group; if you are from the larger MIT
community and wish to attend one of these meetings, please send email to Bryt Bradley
to find out if it a particular meeting is closed or if it will be
possible for you to attend.

Through MIT, there are also a number of classes that can be taken for credit. These classes
deal with such topics as 3D modeling, interactive geometric data structures, techniques in image
synthesis, and computer visualization of complex phenomena. In order to attend many of these classes,
you must be enrolled at MIT. See the Admissions website for more information on the enrollment process.

Here's a list of what the faculty of our group has taught at MIT:
MIT Courses
MIT Course Number

Terms Taught

Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics
The Art and Science of Depiction
Lighting the Night City
6.098 Digital and Computational Photography & 6.882 Advanced Computational Photography
Computer Graphics
As of Fall 2003, 6.837 has been reorganized to make it more suitable for sophomores and juniors. The reorganization includes modifying the prereqs and changing the content appropriately. If you are interested in learning computer graphics, you may register for this course in your sophomore, junior, or senior year.
Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics
- Algorithms for Computer Animation
***** MIT Certificates required *****

- Geometic Computation

- combined with 6.837

- Advanced Topics in Rendering

- Modeling and Rendering Materials

- Int. Geom. Data Structures & Comp.

- Image Synthesis Techniques
Advanced Computer Graphics
***** MIT Certificates required *****


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