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systems and compilers
papers and theses


The following is a collection of links to related and collaborative projects, research papers, benchmark suites, and software. If you have a link you would like us to add, we would love to hear from you---please send mail to streamit@cag.csail.mit.edu.

Stream Systems and Compilers

Papers and Theses

  • Generating Permutation Instructions from a High-Level Description. Mani Narayanan and Kathy Yelick. In the 4th Workshop on Media and Streaming Processors, December 2004. The paper describes the automatic generation of permutation instructions for VIRAM using StreamIt as a high-level input language.

  • Programming and Implementation of Streaming Applications. Ola Johnsson, Magnus Stenemo, and Zain ul-Abdin. Technical Report IDE0405, Halmstad University, January 2005. The techical report implements a medium pulse repitition frequency doppler radar (MPD) application in StreamIt and evaluates its performance on Raw and PACT XPP.

  • Applications and Execution of Stream Graphs. Nathaniel Duca. Senior Undergraduate Thesis, Johns Hopkins University, May 2004. The thesis describes a stream graph execution model using dynamic linking.

Talks and Presentations