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Image and video codecs are prevalent in a wide range of computer systems and multimedia devices. It is not uncommon however that developers create and customize separate coder and decoder implementations for each of the architectures they target. This practice is time consuming and error prone, leading to code that is neither malleable nor portable.

This website details our implementation of an MPEG-2 codec using StreamIt. MPEG coding is a good match for the streaming programming model, as is evident from the high correlation between our code and the MPEG block level specification. The StreamIt implementation has the added advantage of naturally exposing both the pipeline and dataflow parallelism inherent to the problem.

The MPEG-2 encoder and decoder source codes are available for download. We also provide links to related material to supplement our paper that appeared at IPDPS in April, 2006. An extended version of our IPDPS presentation (PPT, PDF) is now available.