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  • Prof. Saman Amarasinghe and Dr. Rodric Rabbah
    Email: 6.189-chair@mit.edu

    Recitations and Labs: Tue and Thu 10am-12:00pm (see schedule for locations)
    TAs: David Zhang and Phil Sung.

    The recitations echo the concepts introduced in the lectures but in a Cell specific context. The recitations also offer in depth programming examples, exercises, and labs.

  • Recitation 1: Getting to Know Cell (David Zhang, MIT)
  • Recitation 2-3: Cell Programming Hands-On (David Zhang, MIT)

  • Recitation 4: Cell Debugging Tools (Phil Sung, MIT)
  • Recitation 5: Cell Profiling Tools (Phil Sung, MIT)
  • Recitation 6: SIMD Programing On Cell (Phil Sung, MIT)

  • MIT
    Comments and questions to 6.189-chair@mit.edu