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  • The Battery Model project attempts to take advantage of the Cell hardware in order to speed up computation of an electrochemical battery model. Essentially, it solves a linear system Ax=b by forward elimination/back substitution. The current release includes:

    • Two-dimensional electrochemical model of lead acid battery cell
    • A skyline (aka banded) LU solver
    • A dense LU solver
    • The two solvers are fully interchangeable
    • A data tool that can be used to plot the battery model results in Matlab
    We have published a technical report to detail our algorithm and its implementation on Cell.

    We have also updated our presentation to highlight some of our newest results and contributions.

    Screenshot of sample results collected from the battery
    modeling program running on a PS3 and plotted in Matlab.


    The source code is available for download under the terms of the MIT Open Source License. The tar ball includes a README file with an overview of the code organization, a Makefile to build the code on a PS3 with the latest Cell SDK available from developerWorks. The code was developed on a PS3 running Red Hat Fedora Core 6 Linux.

    Battery Model Team

  • James Geraci
  • Sudarshan Raghunathan
  • John Chu

  • MIT
    Comments and questions to 6.189-chair@mit.edu