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Designs for an Internet

David D. Clark


As a part of the NSF-funded Future Internet Architecture (FIA) project, I undertook to review the various projects (and as well a number of other proposals for an architecure for an Internet), looking for cross-project insights, common themes and important differences. The result of this effort is a book, which is not yet "done", but which is at a point where I am soliciting review and comment from the network research community.

I solicit feedback and comments on this version, particularly with respect to my summary of the various projects that I have discussed. Suggestions for other work that I should have cited are also appreciated.

The book is available as a PDF file in two formats.

The first is a traditional latex "book" template, with large margins and other familiar features of a default latex template. Download this version.

The second format is an alternative that is intended to be better suited to reading on-line, in particuler on a tablet. It has narrow margins and a differnt font. I would be interested to know if this format is useful, or how I might tweak it. Download this version.

My goal is to collect comments over the next few months, and then incorporate these into a revision later this summer (2016).