Spoken Language Systems
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The SLS group has produced a variety of software for converstional interaction and spoken language processing. The software listed below is publicly available to support research efforts in the speech and language community.

  • The MIT Finite-State Transducer (FST) Toolkit is available for download as open source software (BSD license). It is known to build and run in various flavors of Linux with various versions of GNU GCC/G++, including 64-bit Linux. It also compiles under Visual Studio 2005 for 32-bit windows.
  • The MIT Language Modeling (MITLM) Toolkit is a set of tools designed for the efficient estimation of statistical n-gram language models involving iterative parameter estimation. It achieves much of its efficiency through the use of a compact vector representation of n-grams.


Over the years the SLS group has been involved in a wide variety of data collection efforts, such as TIMIT, ATIS, WSJ, and Communicator. The corpora listed below are publicly available to support research efforts in speech and language processing.

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