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The instructions emailed to pmg@csail on June 18 2007:

(note you'll get asked to enter your password three times - don't be fooled into thinking you're just entering it wrong)

Hi folks,

Dan and I have been using the Subversion repository on lirone instead of CVS for a while now. Given a few people are starting up coding projects, I thought I'd send out quick instructions:

(replace 'myproject' with the name of your project) - first create a 'myproject' directory on your local machine with subdirectories branches/, tags/ and trunk/ - put your code in the 'trunk' subdirectory - 'ssh' - 'svnadmin create /space/svnroot/myproject' - 'logout' - 'svn import /path/to/myproject svn+ssh:// -m "initial import"'

Then you're done. You can check out the 'myproject' repository using: 'svn co svn+ssh:// myproject'

You can use 'svn update', 'svn add' and 'svn commit' similarly to CVS.


PS. Further information:

--Cowling 17:06, 28 November 2007 (EST)

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