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PMG machines are backed up nightly using dump, with the archives stored on another host (usually lirone or one of the farm machines). The nightly backup script lives in /home/admin/backup, and is called from root's crontab.

Farm machines are not backed up.


Backup Locations
Source Location
aard lirone:/space/archive/aard
algoza lirone:/space2/archive/algoza
andrikan lirone:/mnt/archive/andrikan
cello farm2:/archive/a1/cello
eigenharp lirone:/mnt/archive/eigenharp
fado farm2:/archive/a2/fado
flute lirone:/mnt/archive/flute
guitar farm2:/archive/a2/guitar
kermit lirone:/mnt/archive/kermit
lirone farm2:/archive/a4/lirone
new-dracula lirone:/mnt/archive/new-dracula
piano lirone:/mnt/archive/piano
qubit lirone:/mnt/archive/qubit
rapier lirone:/space/archive/rapier
sarod farm2:/archive/a2/sarod
sygyt farm2:/archive/a2/sygyt
theremin lirone:/mnt/archive/theremin
vilnius piano:/space/archive/vilnius
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