Panel: Perspectives on software engineering

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“Panel: Perspectives on software engineering” by David Notkin, Marc Donner, Michael D. Ernst, Michael Gorlick, and E. James Whitehead, Jr.. In ICSE 2001, Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Software Engineering, (Montreal, Canada), May 16-18, 2001, pp. 699-702.


This panel gives a non-standard view of the future of software engineering. Two of the speakers are recent Ph.D. graduates in computer science, with expertise in software engineering, who have taken academic positions; as people who will educate the next generation of software engineering practitioners and researchers, they provide a key vision of the future. The other two speakers are senior, having moved from the research community into a world in which they face the problems of engineering software on a daily basis. Collectively, along with interactions from the audience, these two often underrepresented perspectives provide a sense of the key directions in which software engineering — practice, research, and education — should and must go.

Download: Slides (for all panelists).

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