Installing Continuous Testing

The Continuous Testing Plugin for Eclipse was developed for for Eclipse Version 3.1. The source is included with the plug-in, and is released by David Saff under the Eclipse Public License

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Instructions to Install the Plugin

  1. Start Eclipse.
  2. From the main menubar, select Help > Software Updates > Find and Install.
  3. Choose "Search for new features to install", and press "Next".
  4. Press the button labelled "Add Update Site..."
  5. For name, type "Continuous Testing Site". For URL type "".
  6. You should get a new checkbox in "Sites to include in Search". Check it, and press "Next".
  7. Check the box for Continuous Testing and press "Next".
  8. You may get notifications for the license and signature of the plugin, Press "Accept" to finish installation.
  9. Allow Eclipse to reboot.
  10. After rebooting, select Help > Help contents > Continuous testing tutorial from the main menubar.
  11. Scroll to the section on Continuous Testing and get started!
  12. Add yourself to the mailing lists.
Don't forget the tutorial to help you get started.

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