Guardian Angel Project Status

Starting in April, 1995, the Guardian Angel project received funding from ARPA to work with about a dozen other efforts also funded under John Silva's Health Information Infrastructure Program (HIIP). The initial experimental focus of GA work within the HIIP is to develop a system to aid in management of high-risk pregnancy, specifically gestational diabetes, at the OB/GYN clinic at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland.

The current plan is to place a small number of copies of an initial GA specializing in management of gestational diabetes with patients at Bethesda by the end of 1995. This GA version aims to provide the patient with aids and analysis related to glucometer data and use, diet, communication with the OB clinic, pregnancy information, and other issues. The system is being designed to capture evaluation information to complement retrospective subjective evaluations from clinic personnel and patients.

Work is also underway on broader and more elaborate GA versions, both for civilian and military medical applications.

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Last modification on November 6, 1995.