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Phillip Phuc Van Le

Hi, my name is Phillip and I'm a 5th year student at MIT. Yes, I finally succumbed to peer pressure and wrote my own home-page. I'm currently majoring in computer science and am taking pre-med classes.

I used live on Conner 5 , and still spend a lot of my time there. I was starting middle hitter for the Intercollegiate Volleyball Club. We won the New England Club Volleyball League Championship last year.

I have been working at the Clinical Decision-Making Group at the Lab for Computer Science for Ira Haimowitz since I was a puny sophomore, and am now working on my thesis under Venerable Grandfather Prof. Peter Szolovits and "Zak" Dr. Isaac Kohane.

Sorry, it seems like your browser can't handle java applets. Go get the latest version of Nestcape. I've been learning a little bit of java. Here's one of my first java programs. Click anywhere and drag Zak's head around.

This past summer, and part time over the term, I have been programming Newton's (pen-based computers made by Apple) for Dr. Jane Weeks at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. I worked there this summer as well.

I just presented a paper as a Student Paper Finalist at the Symposium for Computer Applications in Medical Care (SCAMC). I didn't win, but at least got a trip to New Orleans and the opportunity to present the Newton work.

Here are some links to the paper. It was published in the Proceedings of SCAMC, 1995. If you do download any version of it, please send me mail ( I'd really like to know who reads it and if you have any comments.

Here is a Macintosh Word 6 version of the paper.

Here is a Text-only version of the paper (Missing 1 figure, a screen shot).

Here is a PostScript version of the paper.

Here is a picture of me:

OK, maybe not. But there is definitely a close resemblance between me and my favorite TV character...

I was able to find a .wav file of the MacGyver theme song.

I also found a link to some great tv shows like MacGyver, the A-team, and Airwolf.

From here, you can either

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Click here to download a postscript version of my resume (it might not be up to date, why don't you just send me some mail

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