Nick Papadakis

I'm a research scientist working with Hal Abelson and Gerry Sussman's group at the AI Lab on innovative applications of scheme. While knowledge representation and language design have been recurring themes, I'm currently focusing on agent-based database discovery. I have significant side interests in juggling, pyrotechnics, locks, and killing off Un*x.

Some personal info about me. Also includes lots of grody medical close-ups of intimate parts of my body.

Bruce Sterling's wrapup of the CFP Conference . Very humorous indeed. Also very true. I had a hand in putting this audio up on the web in RealAudio format.

A good commentary on the way the web seems to be evolving: come, sit through my slides! (at least I don't have as many as Philg) (

I've been renovating an old SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) that was donated to the Institute. We'd like to use it to look at some chips that we're building, micromachining, etc.

A very unfinished write-up of me and the stingrays. Now new and improved with an (even more improved) MPEG (300K).

Vested Interests: Plan 9 from MIT.

The collapse of the Tacoma Narrows bridge, in mpg (780K). Also in quicktime, (3.2 Mb) for a little extra quality.
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