Joseph A. Bank's Home Page

I am working on (and hopefully finishing soon) my Master's of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science degree in the EECS department at MIT. Currently (Spring 95) I am working for the PMG group at MIT LCS.

I like to think that my interests are varied: Type Theory, Interface Design, Chinese (not very good yet, but improving), Hockey (my back has other ideas though), Java, etc.

I got bored the other day and decided to make my own little web hack, feel free to participate. You can add links to the following page Joe's (friends?) Links. Please be kind.

You should also be aware that your anonymity has not necessarily been preserved when you accessed my page. In general, the machine you are accessing this page from is logged with a time stamp, and if the machine has a finger daemon running, the output of fingering at that machine. This is generally enough for me to track down who has happened to cross my page (for my own interest, because I'm curious who would want to look at this page). Note that you can get around this by not loading the inlined picture (the link there is actually a script that side effects a log file, and then returns the picture) although if you are reading this message, you have probably already been logged :-)

Here's a nice picture of my girlfriend Sylvia. (to go to her home page, click here). Here are some other pictures of the two of us together, try to guess which ones are real:
 picture3 . 

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