Old phonograph records
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The records were played on a 78 RPM turntable and digitized using Cool Edit 2000 from Syntrillium Software. Sampling was at 44.1KHz, mono. To reduce noise, I first did noise-removal filtering with Cool Edit, using as a noise source the sound of the empty grooves at the beginning of each song. I then processed the result with Droid Informatica's DePopper (highly recommended) to remove hiss and clicks, filtering out frequencies below 40Hz and above 13KHz. The result was compressed to produce an MP3. The WAV file included for each song is the result of the initial digitization, before any noise reduction.

Cornelius van Beek contributed the reprocessed MP3 version of "Post Horn Gallop", using a different method which gives better results.

Recording dates were estimated with the help of The Almost Complete 78 RPM Record Dating Guide, by Steven C. Barr.


I make no representations or warranties of any kind that the use of these recordings will not infringe any copyright or other intellectual property of a third party. Anyone contemplating using these recordings for any purpose should obtain expert legal advice before proceeding.

I will promptly remove any of these materials that are determined to be infringing on the rights of others, upon proper notification. To serve notification, you must be either the copyright owner of the work or an individual authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner. Your notification must include

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