Erin O'Hearn

I'm a native of the Connecticut River Valley, which means I spent my youth wandering around the small towns and back roads of Southwestern New Hampshire and Southeastern Vermont. It is a pure, majestic, and beautiful place to be.
I spend my days as an administrative assistant at MIT's Artificial Intelligence Lab. The rest of my time I like to read, listen to live music, people-watch, and look at the architecture, cemetaries, and statues around the city of Boston. I returned a year ago from Sichuan Province, China, where I taught English for two years. Adjusting to life in the US of A is CRAZY!

Great Books I've read:

Favorite Places:

Some things that really make me feel alive and at peace are... Wandering around the world with a tent and backpack... Riding Motorcycles on beautiful country roads... Hiking, Wildflowers...
Speaking in a foreign language(chinese, italian, spanish, french)... Michael Campbell... Intense movies(recently these were Jesus's Son, Magnolia, and Sliding Doors)... Folk, Reggae, and Blues...

Erin O'Hearn
545 Technology Square, NE43-431
Cambridge, MA 02139
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