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Welcome to the Sam & Max: Freelance Police Homepage!

Sam & Max: Freelance Police is an ultra-hip pop-culture comic book about a dog (Sam) and a rabbit (Max). As overzealous vigilante private investigators they protect Our World (carnivals, Stuckey's, the moon) from Evil[tm] (rodents, insects, people with bad manners). Besides comics, Sam and Max also have their own computer game. If you've ever eaten orange circus peanuts, or salvaged a space food stick as a bludgeoning weapon, then you'll probably like Sam & Max. Heck, you'll probably like them even if you haven't. Read on....

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3/06/04 Sam & Max Game Cancelled!

For those of you who have not heard yet, LucasArts has decided to cancel the upcoming sequel to Sam & Max. There is a press release here..

I received some email from Lance The Rose that an petition has been started in an attempt to get LucasArts aware that there is demand for the game. I don't know much about the petition site, but feel free to check it out here.

On another note, it's hard to believe this site has been online almost nine years. There's something nostalgic about the fact that the HTML is basically the same as it was when it started. I'll keep it up the site as long as I can, keeping my fingers crossed for more Sam & Max stuff to be released.

8/29/02 New Sam & Max Game picked up by LucasArts

Ok, so no news for a long time there. Thanks to everyone who keeps sending me mail, though!

On to new news. As some of your pointed out, Infinite Machine, who was developing the sequel to Sam & Max Hit the Road, went out of business in February. However, the good news is that LucasArts announced today that they're going to develop the sequel for the PC! The press release came across Slashdot . Here's the link to what LucasArts has to say:

The word (thanks to David, over at Snuckey's On-line!) is that the new game will be unrelated to the Infinite Machine project.


12/03/01New Sam & Max Game in Development

Hi. After a two-year haitus I'm finally updating this page! Good news for all Sam & Max fiends, it appears that the game development company Infinite Machine is going to make a new Sam & Max game "for a next-generation console" according to Gamespot. The rumor has been that this console will be X-Box, though there has been no confirmation of that. More information here.

12/11/98New Sam & Max Comics in Oni Double Feature

Yes, it's true, not much news has been posted here in quite some time. It looks like the Sam & Max Animated series is no more, but hopefully this means that there will be more comics! If you need a Sam & Max Fix, though, pick up the new (#10) issue of Oni Double Feature. There's a short Sam & Max comic (Sam & Max: Skeptical Investigators) that parodies the X-Files and alien paranoia.

7/30 Sounds from the animated series online!

I can't thank Chris Tasler enough for putting these sounds from the Sam & Max animated series online. Be sure to check them out!

5/28 Mail fixed

Yikes! It looks like for the past four to six months I haven't been receiving Sam & Max mail from this site. And to think I just thought no one was visiting. Well, apologies if I never responded to mail you sent...I just wasn't receiving it. [5/31] Thanks for all the great mail...I'm trying to get back to everyone who has dropped me a line so far!

5/28 Great News! Sam & Max Are Back for the Summer!

Now, of course, when it comes to TV scheduling, nothing is certain until the lagomorph sings, but the latest word is that Sam & Max will be back on FOX over the summer!

FOX Kids announced today (5/28) that Sam and Max will be on all summer
- Saturdays at 11:30am (beginning June 6). As the news release reads
"replacing Silver Surfer until further notice." Cross your fingers
that this schedule sticks!

Additionally, they intend to air an hour of Sam and Max on Saturday,
May 30. Episode MX-104 "Bad Day on the Moon" at 11am and MX-109 "A
Glitch in Time" at 11:30am.

This sort of last-minute schedule-rigamarole is not unusual for FOX warned that they could change it again at any time.


Sam & Max dropped as of June 6th

[5/31] While Sam & Max are on FOX for the summer, it doesn't mean they've renewed the series! Support the show by writing to your local station!


Beginning June 6, FOX Kids is dropping Sam and Max off the air. I have
new schedules for Saturday and Weekdays and our boys are nowhere to be

Saturday (begins June 6)
8 Ned's Newt
8:30 Power Rangers in Space
9 Spider-Man's Web Files
9:30 Toonsylvania
10 Ultimate Goosebumps
10:30 Toonsylvania
11 FOX Kids Pick of the Week
11:30 Silver Surfer

Weekdays (begins June 22)

7 Beetleborgs Metallix (M-TH)
  Bobby's World (F)
7:30 Life with Louie
3 Cartoon Cabana
4 Spider-Man
4:30 Power Rangers: Power Playback (M-TH)
     Power Rangers in Space (F)

It looks like Sam and Max could possibly show up during FOX Kids Pick
of the Week or Cartoon Cabana. Pick of the Week changes every week
with a different random show, but their emphasis will be on totally
new specials (the first one is a kids' candid camera show with Paul
"Hasn't Worked In 6 Years" Rodriguez). Cartoon Cabana will show random
cartoon segments and clips, so if we're lucky we might see one of the
shorter Sam and Max bits fall into that, but FOX Kids hasn't revealed
anything insightful about that show yet.

Basically what it boils down to that the people at FOX Kids are


New images!

I've finally gotten around to rescanning some of the images up here. I'll be gradually putting them online.

Wondercon news

Wondercon went really well. Steve Purcell was around to sign books, promote the series, and talk about Sam & Max. There was a good panel with Shannon Wheeler (Too Much Coffee Man), Rob Schrab (Scud the Disposable Assassin), and Larry Marder (Tales of the Beanworld, also current CEO of Image). The panel was supposed to be about humor in comics, but took a change of course when all the panelists decided to talk about their experiences with the media; Steve with FOX, Shannon with Converse (and the "controversial" TMCM commercial), Rob with his new computer game, and Larry with the makers of the film "Airheads" (who demanded their lead character be wearing a Beanworld shirt throughout the film).

In Sam & Max news, Steve commented that he was interested in writing more Sam & Max comics (and of course there's that unpublished "Sam & Max Story" series.)

Correction on ratings news

I'd like to post a very belated correction to the ratings news that appears below. I got a chance to talk to Steve at Wondercon (well, perhaps "talk" is too kind...more like "slobber in a fanboy-like manner") and he wanted me to let folks know that the ratings report listed below is likely just the results of one local market, and the numbers he had seen from FOX were actually a lot better.

I also received a rumor that one reason Sam & Max doesn't get more promotion from FOX is that, as far as animated series go, it's fairly expensive, and they'd rather promote something much cheaper, like Space Goofs (which they apparently didn't have to pay much for).

Sam & Max Move Again, And Some Bad Ratings News

Some bad news...thanks again to Agent StocDred for providing this to me.

FOX Kids is moving Sam and Max again, this time back to Saturdays at 11:30am (after Silver Surfer). At this point, S&M are just being bumped around to fill time slots. While the show has a lot of fans at FOX Kids (witness S&M's many appearances in promos), it remains a little above the typical FOX Kid viewer, who is around 10 years old and likes Power Rangers.

What is most frustrating is that, after initial synopses listing at least 13 half hour episodes, they've only aired about 8 of them by my count. As soon as March hit, they went into repeats, rerunning the first wave of episodes we saw when the show premiered.

Sam and Max made no major numbers in the February ratings period, so the future looks grim. In my local market, they registered less-than-one ratings in all age groups save for boys 2-11, where they got a 1 rating. No ratings means no toys and no future episodes.

On an odd note, FOX Kids offered a Sam and Max costume character for FOX affiliates' local special event appearances (in addition to big furry costumes of Bobby, Life with Louie, Spider-Man, etc). I wish I could see pictures of that! It would be the ultimate S&M collectible!


More information as we get it....

08/13/97 -- Make sure to check out Kenn Stollery-Jones' "Sam & Max Ate My Balls" webpage. Max says this about the page: "Gee, Sam, if only we could get sizzling weasel balls on a stick, too!" I guess that means he likes it. Hey Mikey.

08/12/97 -- Check out Jeff Gustafson's Sam & Max page! I've also moved the old "What's New" info to the What's Old page. Check it out.

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