Plex '85 Lectures 1 - 6 Cover

Plex '85 Lectures 1 - 6 back cover




The 1985 black-and-white-page copy of slide 4.21 says:

The story will continue with a Letter to the Editor.
I didn't have time to write it all, yet, but can give outline of some important points I think will turn up in it.

All very true, and the references to the preceding lectures PL 85-3.14,2.23,and 3.6 on 4.23 and to the following PL85-5 Exact Defiinition call for the full set of Plex 85 Lectures to join this one on this website. It'll happen soon. All helpers welcome!

And so the lecture ends. It's worth puzzling over it, as long as you don't ask how I dreamed up the presentation style!

With a Postit note regarding a talk at the Technical University of Berlin that was cancelled because we all (students and faculty) trooped over to the Brandenburg Gate and then the City Hall plaza, where Willy Brandt had some choice words to say -- BECAUSE THE BERLIN WALL FELL THE NIGHT BEFORE! -- these marked-up pages from the SADT Data Model of physical objects (that provides a good start for change of terminology to cover objects of any rule-obeying sort, such as OO modular software components is the end of the Plex Lecture 4 folder.

To skip over the following Object Model slides and continue on to a fuller explanation provided by the B+W LEFT HAND pages that duplicate, with commentary, the above "The story continues..." explanation color slides Click here . Another Click at the end of that explanation will return you back here so that you can view the Object Model on its own.

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A Suggestion: Maybe you can open another copy of your browser to view these B+W pages beside the matching color pages above.

The original bottom down object (with Genie trapped in the glass, itself of the work of art was prominently displayed throughout the first presentation of this lecture in IAP '85, and also in the undergraduate Plex Seminar the following year. It may surface again -- who knows.


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