CFP96 Plenary Session

We Know Where You Will Live ...

Moderator:Tom Maddox
Panelists: Pat Cadigan
Bruce Sterling
Vernor Vinge
Organizer:Susan Jones

As we head into a new millennium and the emergence of a worldwide virtual culture, what will happen to our freedom and privacy? Four science fiction writers - professional casters of runes and readers of entrails - will look at CFP96, the current state of the Matrix, and the ongoing power struggles between institutions and individuals. They will deliver screeds, rants, and gnomic utterances as appropriate. As starting points, Bruce Sterling will focus on the net.scandal of the month, whatever it may be; Pat Cadigan on the idea of being unplugged in a plugged-in world; Vernor Vinge on ubiquitous law enforcement; and Tom Maddox on the play of delusion and desire in telecommunications networks.

Moderator: Tom Maddox is a science fiction writer, author of Halo, sometime columnist writing about the electronic frontier, and college teacher -- currently the writing coordinator at Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington. Contact:


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Last updated April 6, 1996