CFP96 Plenary Session

International Developments In Cryptography

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Moderator:Dorothy Denning
Panelists: Nick Mansfield
Michael Nelson

This session will discuss international developments in cryptography policy and regulation and what multinational companies are doing to meet their encryption needs. Questions to be addressed include: What new policies and regulations have been adopted or are under consideration? What will be the role of key escrow? What are the encryption requirements of large companies and how does a multinational company meet those requirements under existing or proposed regulations? What is needed to achieve secure electronic commerce worldwide? How do we resolve tensions between countries, between governments and industries, and between governments and popular groups?

Moderator: Dorothy Denning is Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University and a specialist in computer and communications security. She is author of Cryptography and Data Security, Addison-Wesley (1982). Contact: / (202) 687 5703

Invited panelists:

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Last updated June 23, 1996