CFP96 Plenary Session

Copyright And Freedom Of Expression In Digital Networked Environments

Moderator:Pamela Samuelson
Panelists: David Post
Bernt Hugenholtz
Chris Barlas

What is the interrelationship between copyright and free expression: Will copyright law be an enabler of freedom of expression in digital networked environments or will it be an impediment to free speech? Does digitizing information so fundamentally change the economics of creating and disseminating information products as to render copyright law obsolete? What privacy and free speech consequences are there in using technology to protect digital information, or in holding online service providers strictly liable for all user infringements? Given the global nature of digital networks, will there inevitably be only one law of copyright and of free expression? If so, what will such a law look like?

Moderator: Pamela Samuelson is Visiting Professor of Law at Cornell Law School, and a Contributing Editor of Communications of the ACM, for which she writes a regular column, "Legally Speaking". Contact:


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Last updated June 23, 1996