CFP96 Plenary Session

Limiting On-Line Speech On Campus

Moderator:Arthur Miller
Invited Participants: Jonathan Chiel
Greg Jackson
Rikki Klieman
Declan McCullagh
Harvey Silverglate
Jeff Swope
Peter Toren
Organizer:Charles Nesson

Universities own the wires, provide equipment, and feel deeply responsible for protecting their students, their employees, and their public image. Students value privacy and have a penchant for on-line mischief. Arthur Miller, with a distinguished panel drawn from university, legal, and journalism communities, will use the Socratic method and a series of knotty (not so) hypotheticals to explore resulting conflicts. What are the bounds of the student on-line word?

Moderator: Arthur R. Miller is the Bruce Bromley Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. He is an authority on the law of privacy, copyright, and civil procedure, and is the legal editor on ABC's Good Morning America.

Invited participants:

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Last updated April 6, 1996