Unlike previous years, the 1996 CFP conference was organized by a group mind rather than by a single general chair. The group mind (or what's left of it after the experience of putting this conference together) encompasses Joanne Costello, Rebecca Bisbee, Susan Jones, Bob Prior, and Hal Abelson. These acknowledgements are on behalf of the five of us.

We thank Al Vezza and Tim Berners-Lee of the World Wide Web Consortium for agreeing to co-host CFP96 along with MIT, and for providing seed funding to get conference planning off the ground. We are deeply grateful to all the conference sponsors. Their provision of funds has demonstrated a sincere commitment to the need to enhance public awareness of the freedom and privacy implications of information technology. We want especially here to note the efforts of program managers at the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and at the National Science Foundation.

We've been fortunate in having had so much energetic and talented help. Lenny Foner and Simson Garfinkel brought a new element to CFP by organizing the demos and technology exhibits. Michael Rutter was "indefatigable in coordinating and assembling the proceedings. Dale Hogue helped us get started with fund raising. Gayle Fitzgerald, Cathi DiIulio, and Tara F. Osborn in the MIT Conference Services Office, handled registration and local arrangements details, and Dave Broderick of MIT Audio-Visual Services provided expert advice and help. MIT Information Systems - in particular Tom Coppeto, Ron Hoffman, Mike Sampson, Sally Plamondon, and Brian Murphy and his staff volunteered computers and network services for the use of the conference attendees.

Wired Magazine gave us free advertising space for the CFP ad and Patricia McShane of M.A.D. and the designer of the CFP logo, generously designed the ad. Bruce Koball and Judi Clark kept us honest in adhering to CFP values and traditions.

And of course, we thank everyone on the program committee for their time and their creativity in putting the program together, with no compensation. (We didn't even reimburse their travel to the committee meeting!)

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Last updated June 23, 1996