Project MAC ("Switzerland")

MIT Project on Mathematics and Computation

"Neutral, but heavily armed."
Project Mac, associated with the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, builds a wide spectrum of intelligent computational tools to help scientists and engineers understand mathematical models of physical processes.
Amorphous Computing one of our major current activities, also includes biocomputing (in the News)
Other Research overview of previous research done in this group
Scheme most of our work uses the Scheme dialect of Lisp, for which we developed and maintain the MIT Scheme implementation.
People past and present members of this group
Publications selected MAC bibliography, amorphous computing papers
Other Resources UROP information, project MAC's FTP directory
Amusements the Swiss Coke Machine, the Unix extinguisher, images of Switzerland (the country)
Other Sites MIT home page, MIT CSAIL home page, MIT SIPB home page

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