Workshop on Amorphous Computing

Cambridge, MA, September 13-14, 1999

Monday, September 13

8:30		Continental breakfast

9:00		Welcome and charge to attendees by Sri Kumar (DARPA/ITO)

9:15		Initial statements by attendees, 5 minutes each.

10:30		Break

11:00		Initial statements, continued

12:00		Lunch

1:00		Divide into four teams to work on reports

		Programming technology
		Architectures for fault tolerance
		Sensing and control   
		Substrates for implementation (e.g., biological and chemical)

5:00		Adjourn for the day

There is no formal dinner, but we will assist in making dinner
arrangements for small groups.

Tuesday, September 14

8:30		Continental breakfast

9:00		Presentation of reports, and feedback (part 1)

10:00		Break

10:30		Presentation of reports, and feedback (part 2)

11:30		Time to revise reports

12:30		Lunch

2:00		Adjourn

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